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Wave Style Curtains from CM Curtain Makers: A Modern Design

Wave style curtains are designed with a special curtain tape that creates smooth, even waves when hung from a wave track. This distinctive wave design creates a flowing effect on curtains that adds a sense of movement and elegance to any room. Unlike traditional curtains with pleats or gathers, wave style curtains offer a minimalist look that's perfect for contemporary interiors, hence interior designers choose mostly wave curtains

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Our features

Here's what makes our Wave Curtains stand out

custom designer curtains by cm curtain makers abu dhabi
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Modern Design

Wave style curtains provide a sleek and clean appearance, making them ideal for modern and minimalist décor.

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2000+ Wave Curtain Fabrics

We use premium fabrics for our wave curtains. Whether you prefer luxurious silks, durable linens, or soft cottons, our collection has something for everyone. The variety of textures and patterns allows you to create wave curtains that suit your unique style.

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Light Control

Depending on the fabric choice, wave style curtains can offer varying levels of light control and privacy, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

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Experienced Staffs & Great Services

Our experienced professionals will take complete care of your window treatments, from the measurements, helping you design the curtains to clean and perfect installations. Our staffs are well experienced to help you assist better.

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Custom Sizing

Our custom sizing options ensure a perfect fit of wave curtains for any window, no matter its shape or size. This feature is ideal for homeowners with unique window configurations or who want a tailored look.

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Affordable Luxury

At CM Curtain Makers, we offer a range of drapes at different price points, allowing homeowners to find luxurious options that fit their budget. Our competitive prices ensure that you get great value without compromising on quality.

Our process

Get Wave curtains as easy as 1, 2, 3

Ordering wave curtains in Abu Dhabi is now easy with us, no headache and fast processes.

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Request free design consultation visit

Contact us and request for a free curtains design and measurement visit

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Confirm curtain fabrics at the comfort of your home

Select your wave curtains and choose the fabrics etc according to your interior theme of your home in Abu Dhab

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Get your wave curtains installed within 2 days

Get your villa wave curtains in just within 2 days. Our experts will take care from design to installation along with your purchase

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